Another Level Up for Hall of Flowers

Team Hybrid had another great Hall of Flowers experience. Check out our slideshow for highlights.

10. BLOG People Over to Your Website

The fundamental goal of having a robust social media strategy is getting folks to your blog and website, so you can convert prospects into fans into recurring customers.

9. LOVE THYSELF, But Don’t Be Vain

From a quantitative perspective, vanity metrics like followers, page views, subscribers have value, but in the end they fail to provide any real context for furthering your business goals.

How a Purpose-Driven Brand Does Pride

Before painting your brand with the popular rainbow brush, dive deeper into your intentions, make sure your company’s actions align with the cause, and ensure you’re truly aligning your actions with your words.

8. POST. Measure. Tweak. Repeat.

When it comes to developing and promoting a cannabis brand, make sure you’re getting it right by establishing your own method for evaluating your business.

JEFF NAGY – Project Manager

OUR TALENT :: JEFF NAGY is one of our talented in-house project managers. We asked a few questions to highlight his experience, process and personality.

7. PLAY by the Rules, or Pay the Price

When it comes to your social media accounts, losing your number one forum for connecting with your “fans” can be devastating to your business.

Download our Social Media Guide for Cannabis

Need some guidance when navigating social media as a cannabis brand? We've got a road map for you! Download our Social Media Guide for Cannabis packed with best practices and tips.

Thinking Outside the Bud Podcast with Zack Darling

Our CEO, Zack Darling, discusses cannabis branding and his experience in the space with Bruce Eckfeldt on his podcast, Thinking Outside the Bud.

6: EXPAND Your Brand's Social Circles

In Step 6 of our 10 Steps to Cannabis Social Media Marketing series, we discuss how to grow your circle and reach a broader audience on social media.

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