1. FIRST & FOREMOST, BE SOCIAL: The Hybrid Creative’s 10 Steps to Successful Cannabis Social Media Marketing

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It’s not enough just to show up anymore. You have to be social. Engage with followers directly. Ask them questions, respond promptly to positive and negative comments. Tag brands or retailers to extend reach.

As with everything in life it seems, we tend to overlook the obvious, especially when it comes to communication. Whether with your partner, your coworker, or your dog, it’s all too easy to jump to conclusions and miss the moment to truly engage.

It’s the same with social media. While doing your due diligence to be active on the “right” media channels, it’s more important to be “social” - I know, right? Duh. Here are a few ideas to help your social media efforts be more, you know, social:

Ask Engaging Questions
If you asked a dating expert for some advice on getting to know people, she (yes, she) would most likely give you the same advice: ask thoughtful, engaging questions and then take a moment to listen, especially if your post is gaining some traction, before joining the conversation.

Get Fresh with Your Brand
Whether you have an established brand or product line or a single product, or if you’re just getting started or preparing to launch, make sure you’re taking some fresh looks at your brand or products. Literally, take unique product shots, but also take advantage of powerful customer testimonials.

Make Sure You Have Fun
Of course, what exactly does “fun” mean to you and your brand? This is a tricky one and should be undertaken with extreme caution. But if humor fits your brand and you have the chops (or you’re willing to pay someone who does), a fun or funny post can reverberate across the worldwide web.

Take Us Behind the Scenes
In a world where words like “transparency” and “authenticity” are king, social media is an excellent way to take your customers and soon-to-be customers “behind the scenes” of your brand or business. In doing so, you can expertly curate an image to the world of who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Help Your Users Post, Too
More advice from that imaginary dating expert: Don’t be afraid to let your customers “take the lead.” That is, encourage and reward your fans to post on your Instagram account. In doing so, you can authentically (there’s that word again) build community around your brand or business.

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