10. BLOG People Over to Your Website

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For those of you who made it this far, all the way to end of The Hybrid Creative’s 10 Steps to Successful Cannabis Social Media Marketing, congratulations! You’re a cannabis social media expert... but wait—one more thing…

(This part is a lot like when you do all the stuff your personal trainer tells you to do, or you follow your exercise app to the second, or you somehow how make it to the gym three days last week, and then you remember: you also gotta eat better).

The good news is, #10 is waaaay easier than watching what you eat and getting enough sleep and all that annoying stuff, thankfully!

Remember, the fundamental goal of having a robust social media strategy is getting folks to your blog (and, in turn, your website), so you can convert prospects into fans into recurring customers.

Wrapping up this series, we have a short but very specific list you can follow to make sure your blog posts are “sticky” in all the right ways.

Full disclosure: these aren’t exactly easy but if you want to move the needle, much like that (annoyingly specific) scale in your bathroom, you gotta do the work:

#1: Be Compelling

Okay, okay… What does the mean exactly? To be compelling to your audience you must tap into what they find interesting and informative. That said, stay in your lane.

As the old saying goes, write about what you know, but in doing so, be sure to use pithy headlines and arresting visuals, consider featuring experts and special guests, and try to mix up your format, including featuring video clips from time to time.

#2: Be Conversational

Again, this is easier said than done. Just like you (we assume) try to do with your friends and partners, make sure you’re listening, thinking, and responding, not simply firing off one-way diatribes.

At the same time, try to tap into the hot topic out there that overlaps with your blog’s general thrust and contribute in a way that either adds to (or counters!) that thread.

#3: Be Strategic

This takes a good deal of thought but not a whole lot of creativity, which is a relief, right?

(1) Make sure you post regularly and in a timely manner - this demonstrates you’re serious with lots more great content to come.

At the same time, (2) be concise - long is more often than not boring. And by purposely keeping it short, you will eliminate all the fluff.

Last but not least, (3) make sure you’re using SEO-friendly content, incorporating key words in the title and body of your posts; in doing so, you can improve your Google rankings.

#4: Be Social

I know, I know… But it’s worth repeating. We all have a knack for skipping the obvious.

Make sure you make the most of your social media channels by including the right buttons and tools to do so in the body of your blog as well as in the headers and footers.

The idea is to make it easy to share content with a simple click or two. Take the time (and spend the money!) to format your posts to include links to all your channels.

#5: Be informed

Finally - and arguably the most critical - be sure you’re constantly measuring the metrics and making corresponding adjustments to your content (...and strategy ...and process ...and formatting) accordingly.

This is the equivalent of writing down the calories in your food journal, or slotting gym times on your Google calendar - you gotta do the work AND be very specific in doing so.

One last thing: please click on our social media buttons in this blog and share with your network - see how easy that was?

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