2: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and Their Friends

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One of the most overused terms these days across all industries is the dreaded “best practices.” Are you employing best practices? This slide deck captures best practices. Okay, we get it - you didn’t do your own research.

When it comes to social media “best practices,” particularly when gauging metrics against the bottom line, all too often brands merely apply some updated (but still tired) implementation methods and expect improved results. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

To make matters worse, the most common blunder brands make when developing a social media strategy is ignoring the fundamental component: know your audience. They spend too much time worrying about mastering a specific platform or too much money hiring out a service to do it for them, instead of getting to know the core of their business: their current and future customers.

Here’s a short list of questions you need to ask yourself before developing a social media strategy:

Who is your ideal audience?
Spare no details: How old are they? How much money do they make? What do they do for fun? Do they think cilantro tastes like soap?

What are their specific needs?
Don’t get hung up on “wants” vs “needs.” More broadly, what issues in your customers’ lives are they anxious, even desperate, to resolve?

How does your brand or product speak to them?
Worth noting, your ideal customers may not be looking for the “perfect” purchase as much as a sense of “cool” or a feeling of community or simply some inspiration.

What makes your brand or product unique to them?
See how we underlined “to them?” Stay focused here and keep it personal. What makes your brand promise different from the other guys?

And last but not least: what’s your competition doing?
Again, this is about connecting with your audience, so be strategic. Where are the other guys falling short or missing the mark entirely? Get in that space and speak your truth.

Remember: Connecting with your customers ultimately inspires them to take action. So spending the time to truly and deeply understand your audience is the ultimate “best practice” (sorry) when it comes to tapping into their lives, values, and spending habits.

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