3: MAKE A PLAN, but Be. Here. Now.

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Some of the toughest bits of advice to take are the most obvious, but often the most difficult and tedious to actualize. One particularly annoying nugget routinely comes in the form of an infuriating question: What’s your plan?

It’s a real effort not to answer with a long, slow exhale…

The good news is, making a plan often starts by laying down some basic parameters, including a timeline. This is true when developing a social media plan, too. And the timeline, in this case, is a simple social media calendar.

NOTE: Authentic engagement via social media is not something you can “plan” - that would miss the point. But what you can plan is your promotional content, like special announcements, sales alerts, company events, and notable holidays, including National Brownie Day.

While it continues to get more challenging to cut through the clutter, a social media calendar helps you better connect with your current and future customers - here’s why:

Meeting Expectations
The key to exceeding expectations is first meeting them head-on. With the help of a social media calendar, you can regularly engage your target audience without burning them out. In doing so, you’ll build trust thanks to your consistency and reliability.

Changing the Subject
No one wants to hear the same old story over and over again. And no one wants to check back in with an old friend only to discover you haven’t posted in six months. In both respects, a social media calendar helps you regularly deliver fresh content.

Staying in the Loop
Here’s an extremely underrated aspect of robust social media efforts: compelling, regularly-scheduled social media posts keeps everyone who’s invested in your brand in the loop - your customers, your partners...even your employees.

Marketing Coordination
Every social media platform is unique, and all aspects of a brand’s marketing efforts may not coincide in a meaningful way, but when and where they do, a coordinated social media calendar helps support or even enhance marketing initiatives.

Finding Out What Works
A social media calendar can help you monitor and measure which posts worked, which posts fell flat, and which posts just missed the moment. Armed with this vital data, you can save time, money, and frustration next year.

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