5: Much More Than “Insta” Gratification

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Here’s a pretty entertaining joke recently posted on social media about social media: Chuck Norris doesn't need Twitter. He’s already following you!

And no - it’s not funny because it’s true (though it might be). It’s funny because it’s so “on brand.” And thanks to the genius of social media, it’s easy to share and like and quietly giggle about at your desk or on the subway or while ignoring someone you really should be listening to. Hello?

But even if you have great content, like Chuck, navigating all the dozens of established and emerging social media platforms can seem pretty daunting (ugh... thumbs down).

Here’s a quick rundown of what we know right now:

  • Facebook functions pretty much as an extension of a brand’s website.
  • Twitter is all about real-time messaging when you want to be topical.
  • Instagram capitalizes on using compelling images to speak for brands.
  • Pinterest is good for collecting information visually and is especially appealing to young women.
  • YouTube works well on the cheap AND you can have your own channel!
  • LinkedIn is all business and a great way to demonstrate “thought leadership.”

Now that we’re all on the same digital page, let’s talk cannabis-specific social media platforms. On second thought, let’s not. While those platforms are important in their own ways and should be utilized to further ingrain brands within the industry, promoting your brand outside the current cannabis ecosystem is critical to reaching future customers.

Here’s a few tips to connect with new customers across traditional social media:

Find Your Lifestyle
This old adage still rings true: you have to meet people where they are. Make sure you tap audiences through specific interests, whether cross-fit health or urban farming or, purely for example, furry fandom.     

Get Your Nerd On
One of the hallmarks of the industry, at least right now, is embracing the “power” of cannabis. Being part of this surge in science suggests your products or services are grounded in “what works.”

Mean Business
Let’s just assume your brand is hoping to earn sustainable income...cool? Cool. Specifically talking dollars and sense on platforms like LinkedIn wins over investors and customers alike.

Be More Exclusive
It’s simply not possible to connect with all customers, all the time. Instead, try posting content based on demographics, like gender or age. It’s not just strategic - it’s also a great way to learn what resonates with that specific group.

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