7. DO THE RESEARCH: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

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The following is a transcription from the stage at Green Flower Summit 2018 (paywall) where Zack Darling (CEO of The Hybrid Creative) explains his 10 steps of cannabis branding in today’s competitive market.


Next, do the research. We are so fortunate to finally be at a time in this industry in which there's actually data for us to be making decisions on. Data driven decisions are powerful decisions. BDS Analytics, Arc View, New Frontier, and Headset are wonderful resources that are available to us now to be able to find true, strong, powerful data about customer trends, about buying decisions, about the market and how it's moving. And when you can actually base your business decisions on strong data, you're going to be so much more powerful. But be careful. There's a lot of hearsay in this industry and bad data is dangerous. So do the research and make smart decisions.

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