7. PLAY by the Rules, or Pay the Price

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Which is worse: the term “disabled” or the term “deleted?”

Somehow the former stings a bit more. Either way, when it comes to your social media account, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, losing your number one forum for connecting with your “fans” can be devastating to your business.

The fact is, social media platforms must first and foremost protect their brands and, in turn, their respective businesses. That’s why their policies are tough to nail down, and their reactions are virtually automatic and typically irreversible.

To make matters worse, because of the speed and fervor behind the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, there are more than a few “bad actors” out there, including competing growers, supplies, dispensaries, even influencers.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for cannabis players to become cannabis haters looking to take out the competition.

All the more reason to make sure your social media posts and shares and influencers get it “right” the first time, every time.

Whatever you do, meet the most basic compliance requirements by providing the following disclaimers on your business profile as well as within relevant posts:

  • 21-year old age minimum to enter
  • Compliant with adult and/or medical use
  • No products or services for sale

As for your specific content, including words, photos, videos, gifs, or whatever else comes to mind (you marketing genius), here is the general rule: Use social media to promote your brand, not your business.

What do we mean by that? Rather than “showing” your product and paraphernalia in use, weave your brand into posts that depict your products as part of a happy, healthy, enviable lifestyle. Here are some examples:


And for those of you who need negative reinforcement...

  • Don’t show blatant cannabis use
  • Don’t advertise prices or promos
  • Don’t provide direct links to sales
  • Don’t use shady so-called influencers

Also, don’t go on and on about how high your dog gets when you partake. While your dog might dig it, PETA definitely does not.

For now, corporate culture may not be moving as quickly as the rest of us, but it’s moving ahead nonetheless. Until we get there, when it comes to social media, stick with this tried and true mantra: better safe than sorry.

Learn more and Download our Social Media Guide for Cannabis.

* The above recommendations by The Hybrid Creative are not legally binding in any way and do not ensure an individual or entity sharing cannabis-related content will not encounter additional regulatory oversight and/or corresponding penalties.

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