8. PROTECT YOUR MARK: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

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The following is a transcription from the stage at Green Flower Summit 2018 (paywall) where Zack Darling (CEO of The Hybrid Creative) explains his 10 steps of cannabis branding in today’s competitive market.


Also, protect your mark. I would recommend hiring a cannabis-specific branding trademark attorney when it comes to naming your brand. Naming your brand can be a very important part of the process and it's vital to get it right. We call them potty brands when they're can-of-this or farms-that or sticky-this or green-that. Trust me: every cannabis or pot or potty-type brand that's out there has been named, it's been taken, that real estate is done. Don't even try because you're just going to get lost in the noise of much more powerful brands out there. Find your why. Name your brand on your why, on your purpose, on the things that you believe, on the things that resonate with that audience. That name is going to be stronger and the chances are that it's not already taken by somebody else.

Imagine this: everybody's living in their state bubbles at this point, right? So when this industry becomes a federal industry or an international industry, these walls between the states are going be disappearing. You know how many people have the same name, the same cannabis business in different states that are going to end up with a cease and desist letter from some other stronger brand that's been at it longer? Make a name that nobody else has made and make sure you work with the cannabis trade mark intellectual property attorney to help you ensure it's protected for a long term strategy because it's going to be very expensive if you have to change and pivot the name of your brand after you've already invested so much into building it out.

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