9. LOVE THYSELF, But Don’t Be Vain

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It’s great to be liked, right? Who doesn’t want to be liked?

Even people (you know who you are) who seem not to care whether anyone likes them (insert movie bad guy here) want to be liked.

That said, what does it mean to be “liked?” When it comes to building or elevating your brand on social media, being liked is nice but far from achieving a larger business goal.

Vanity vs Measurable Metrics

They don’t call them “vanity metrics” for nothing. From a quantitative perspective, vanity metrics like followers, page views, subscribers have value, but in the end they fail to provide any real context for furthering your business goals.

Here are four popular vanity metrics for digital and social media:

Email Open Rate

Open rate is simply the number of people who opened your email, sometimes before the images even load. In fact, an email open rate really only measures how compelling the subject line of that particular email is. (Yes, there’s an art to it.)

Blog Post Views

On the one hand, blog post views indicate some momentum regarding your content, suggesting a level of “thought leadership;” however, similar to email open rates, you can only determine how many users took a look at your post...but then what?

Fans and Followers

In reality, most Facebook fans and Twitter followers are merely hoping you “like” them back. That said, there are Facebook and Twitter tools to help you learn a bit more about your followers.

Trial Subscribers

When users sign up for a “free” trial or your monthly newsletter, you still don’t know if they are “engaging” in your product or service. Ultimately, you need more meaningful engagement before you can gather hard data.


Instead, consider the following measurable metrics:

Engagement Rate

Monitor the posts with the highest engagement, including likes, impressions, shares, etc. Then simply come up with a plan to create more similarly compelling content. (duh)

Number of Shares

Ideally your content will be so crazy compelling users turn around and share it with their networks. In fact, search engines now consider shares in their SEO algorithms. 

Click-Through Rate

It’s important to include a Call to Action (CTA) in your posts for two reasons: one, to encourage them to click through to your site; and two, to gather data about what’s successfully engaging them.

Conversions and Users

This may seem obvious, but more closely monitoring your current users and the behavior they demonstrated in becoming users (conversions) can yield great intel.

Check Your Alignment

Whichever you decide are the most important social media metrics for your business goals, well, that’s just it — make sure the metrics you’re measuring are aligned with your business goals.

Do you need to expand your brand awareness? Or maybe it’s time to turn your awareness into conversions? Or perhaps you need a segmented plan that does both for different audiences? Plus, is it time to start perfecting your customer experience, like, now?!

The point is, put more value into the metrics you can measure. And pay special attention to the metrics that are in fact fueling your short- and/or long-term business goals.

Oh, and be sure to “like” and “share” this post, because that’s our goal.

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