CANNABIS DOSING: The Sliding Scale of THC Effects

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If you're new to cannabis, then you might be confused about what THC is and how it can affect you. THC is shorthand for tetrahydrocannabinol, the unique chemical compound found in cannabis that's responsible for creating the euphoric, mind altering, psychoactive effect.

While cannabis refers to the plant itself, there are actually many different varietals and strains of cannabis. Some strains offer very low, minimal traces of THC. I know, mind blown right?! Next time you see someone smoking a joint, don't assume they're smoking to get high. It's quite possible that they're medicating with a low-THC cannabis varietal.

Tazo Tea Caffeine GuideLet’s turn our heads and look at the world’s most popular drug for a moment: Caffeine. Every morning, I wake up and drink two cups of coffee to spin up my energy level and drive my productivity “high," pun-intended. I drink tea every evening to wind down, non-caffeinated of course. As I sip my Sleepytime caffeine-free tea, there on the side of the tea box is a caffeine scale with five different milligram dosing levels. A dosage info-graphic if you will, guiding the consumer on what level of caffeine they are currently gulping down, ranging from caffeinated to non-caffeinated.

THC is to cannabis is what caffeine is to coffee. Both are stimulants and both have a sliding effect scale of options. Consumer dosing awareness and cannabis varietal education are important in these early stages of legalized recreational use, as we conceptualize cannabis dosing for intended effects.

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