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Does this sound familiar? You invest countless hours coming up with quality content, creating imagery and copy that resonates with your audience, sharing your story, engaging with others and building a following on social media, only to have the wind taken out of your sails when Instagram suddenly closes your account. Ouch. 

Although there isn't a bulletproof way to ensure account closures never happen until cannabis is federally legalized, there are ways you can prevent your account from being flagged. And even more importantly, there is plenty you can do to ensure that the time and effort you are putting into social media is helping you reach your goals.

The cannabis industry is much more limited in what we can do on social media, but it is still an incredibly valuable channel for growing your brand and driving sales. It helps to have some guidance for navigating these murky waters, and that's where our Social Media Guide for Cannabis comes in. To download the Free Cannabis Social Media Guide with some best practices for cannabis companies, simply fill in the form below.

Growing your presence on social media takes a multi-pronged approach and lots of trial and error. It may take time to determine what works best for your brand and market niche. Getting a solid strategy in place before you begin can set you up for building brand awareness quickly, and if that strategy is backed by market research and an expert analysis of relevant data, you'll be well on your way to seeing a ROI from your efforts. If you're ready to dive in, The Hybrid Creative is poised to help! Learn more about our Social Media Strategy offerings

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