JEFF NAGY – Project Manager

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OUR TALENT is where we show off our talented people through interviews and portfolios to catch a glimpse of what makes the team of The Hybrid Creative so special.  

JEFF NAGY is one of our most experienced in-house Project Managers. He brings a wealth of product innovation know-how as well as an impressive cache of plaid short-sleeved shirts.

What sets you apart from the average project manager?

I came of age professionally in the first dot-com boom, back when you did everything yourself, including building websites. I had to learn to bridge the communication gap between technical folks and design folks. My ability to speak both languages fluently helps my clients focus on outcomes and not get bogged down by the process.

Who or what inspired you to focus on this aspect of the business?

Truth be told, I’m not a particularly good designer. I wasn’t a very good coder either. But thanks to my experience at Dive Travel Magazine magazine in Santa Cruz, California, I came to appreciate how fun and amazing collaborative work can be. In time, I learned how to build effective teams and successfully manage projects.

What do you mean by “successfully manage” projects?

A client should feel they gained real value at the end of a project. If they came to us for strategy, there should be measurable results. Ideally, I want clients to engage us again and again for future projects and recommend us to their colleagues and partners.

What do you do to tap your own creative energy?

I love to travel and have been to five continents. In fact, I got married in Africa. I also grew up surfing and love the beach. And I just bought a 45-year old motorcycle I plan on restoring.

If you were a wild animal, what would you be?

I guess a hawk. They seem to have a pretty nice life here in Sonoma County. Plus, they see the small stuff from afar.

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