JOSH PORTER – Designer • 3D Specialist

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OUR TALENT is where we show off our talented people through interviews and portfolios to catch a glimpse of what makes the team of The Hybrid Creative so special.  

JOSH PORTER is our in-house graphic and packaging designer, 3D modeling specialist, photographer, and all-around get-things-done-RIGHT guy.

We asked a few questions to highlight his creative process, goals, and achievements:

How to you measure your design’s success?
On time and under budget is key. But also project excitement. If the client, the people on the project and myself are stoked, I did my job right.

How do you stay informed of the latest design trends?
A pulse on social media helps. But also historical knowledge, so I can notice patterns. That way, I’m seeing what’s trending before it even starts.

What are your greatest influences?
Music and surreal artists. And any technology expanding to other fields of creativity.

What skill should all good designers have?
Any good designer is always willing to learn.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one tool you would want?
A hatchet - it’s the perfect shaping tool for large and small jobs.

Do you have a design piece that haunts you...and not in a good way?
No. Nothing haunts me. I am the night.

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