Branding the World's Most Sustainable Dispensary

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A one-of-a-kind place

Emerald Pharms is a distinctive dispensary. Located within the Real Goods Solar Living Center, a permaculture and environmental education center in Hopland, CA, Emerald Pharms is committed to holistic wellness, sustainability, and education. Medical marijuana patients and non-patients alike are welcome to visit, learn more about cannabis, enjoy the beautiful grounds, take a yoga class or receive acupuncture.

“Our main mission is education for cannabis and health-conscious medicine. There are is so much bad information out there. Lots of people are confused. We provide a safe space for people to not feel judged and come in and learn,” says Chelsea Lucich, manager of Emerald Pharms. “Our whole menu is health-conscious and truly medicine. Some dispensaries sell really sugary products or products extracted with butane or propylene glycol which isn’t healthy.”

When you visit Emerald Pharms, you can also take classes at the Solar Living Center, learn about organic gardening at the famed eco-store, Real Goods, and charge your electric vehicle or fuel up your bio-diesel.

pondHow to distinguish the brand through the logo

Backtrack a few months prior to launch when Emerald Pharms existed only in the minds of those creating it. The company came to The Hybrid Creative to help them create a brand that aligned with their unique values, purpose, and place. So we started there: the place. Hopland, California is located at the lowest tip of the Emerald Triangle, the region of Northern California legendary for its cultivation of the finest cannabis.

“We were very excited to design the logo for the dispensary,” said Laurel Gregory, Creative Director for The Hybrid Creative. “As we went through our discovery process with them, we identified the core values and unique attributes of Emerald Pharms. We saw their vision for promoting balanced, holistic living and saw how it was important to them to highlight their location in the Emerald Triangle, which ended up being the foundation of the design”

There are two inverse triangles in the geometric logo design for feminine and masculine. “In cannabis you have males and females. The male is the hemp plant, it offers nutritional value and material for clothing or building houses. The mother plant makes the medicine,” said Lucich.

“There’s a fibonacci feel to it,” said Gregory, “we enjoy working with sacred geometry because it is rooted in universal balance and order.”

DSC06848Using the logo in unique ways

The Hybrid Creative knew the importance of creating a design that could be used on a variety of mediums. Emerald Pharms merged contemporary design with natural materials and the finished logo worked well under both of those constraints.

“It’s an easily translatable design,” said Gregory, “it’s flexible and won’t be diluted on different surfaces or materials.”

“We worked with an wooden sign-maker who does laser etching on wood,” said Lucich, “we have a wooden sign inside the store and a huge ten foot by ten foot sign by the road on Highway 101 and it looks great!”

signA satisfying experience

Lucich reflects on her experience, “Everyone at The Hybrid Creative have been very helpful and very creative. I can always send an email and get a quick response. I didn’t know what I wanted but I just shared the vision and it all came together.”

Everything at Emerald Pharms has come together as well. The dispensary recently held their grand opening party with workshops, live music, food, fun, and education. If you’re in the Emerald Triangle and you spot the big wooden sign for Emerald Pharms, stop by the shop, learn something new, and maybe try some heirloom medicinals.


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