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Date: 11/19/15

ZDCA Design & Development announces launch of new division to serve the cannabis industry exclusively: The Hybrid Creative

Santa Rosa, California - Zack Darling and Kate Schneider, founders of ZDCA Design & Development, the North Bay’s premier creative agency, announced today the launch of The Hybrid Creative, a specialized sister company created to serve the burgeoning cannabis industry. They named Laurel Gregory, long time Art Director and Production Manager for ZDCA, as CEO of the company.

ZDCA CEO, Zack Darling says, “We are really excited about the potential to leverage the marketing and branding of cannabis-related products to the next level and beyond. After many years of very limited sales opportunity, this industry is on the verge of a massive expansion in sales and product development. The Hybrid Creative is here to bring our clients into the market place in big, innovative ways.”

“We announced our soft launch at November’s Women Grow chapter meeting and it was very well received,” says ZDCA President, Kate Schneider. “We’re preparing for our official debut during the 2015 Emerald Cup at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds next month. We plan to make a tremendous splash at the expo, and, with so much talent and expertise in our midst, are perfectly situated to help both well established and brand new cannabis businesses bring all of their ideas to the marketplace.”

ZDCA has long been the preferred product design, marketing and web development agency for leading industry producers, including Absolute Xtracts, Care By Design, Cutting Edge Solutions, The Emerald Cup, GeoPot, True Liberty Bags, Left Coast Garden Wholesale and many other prominent brands in the hydroponics and medical marijuana industry. The creation of a cannabis-specific subsidiary allows the ZDCA brand to fully focus on sustainable enterprises, e-commerce and renewable energy clientele.

“The Hybrid Creative is an extraordinary design and web development agency in Northern California. We are intently focused on the thriving cannabis industry,” says CEO Laurel Gregory. “We offer all of the professional services our clients have come to expect, now with a specialized focus on the strengths and unique needs of cannabis, medical marijuana and hydroponic companies. We anticipate rapid growth in the cannabis industry and are well-positioned to propel our clients towards success. I’m honored to lead the way, as we break new ground with this endeavor. 2016 looks to be a very exciting year.”

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