CANNABIS DOSING: The Sliding Scale of THC Effects

If you're new to cannabis, then you might be confused about what THC is and how it can affect you. THC is shorthand for tetrahydrocannabinol, the unique chemical compound found in cannabis that's responsible for creating the euphoric, mind altering,...

The Emerald Cup 2017 Wrap Up

This year's Emerald Cup gathering was probably the best one yet and many of our clients were out in force! We love working with our clients and while we're proud of the work we do, it always delights us to walk through an industry trade show and see...

On the Bus: Pot Tourism Has Arrived

The last few years in particular have been bonkers for the cannabis industry, especially here in California. With recreational marijuana use becoming legal in California on January 1, 2018, an aspect of the booming cannabis industry that is often...

3 Ways to Make Your Next Trade Show a Success

Being an exhibitor at an industry trade show is a huge commitment. The cost, transportation, booth staffing, and additional hours all add to the pressure for a trade show appearance to be successful.

Introducing Brian Applegarth, Our New Account Strategist

My name is Brian Applegarth, a proud new member of the cutting edge, award-winning Hybrid Creative family. For years I have followed and been a fan of this creative team's work. I was repeatedly impressed with the bold and confident design I saw in...

LIT Has Been Cancelled, but There's a New Party in Town!

Well, friends and family, we have some good news and bad news. First, the bad news: We're cancelling the April 22nd LIT event.

PRØHBTD's Americann Harvest premier features our client, Sonoma's Finest

Our cherished clients, Sonoma's Finest, are making a name for themselves in the pilot episode of the new web series, Americann Harvest. We're big fans of PRØHBTD and are thrilled that the cannabis industry has such a fantastic source of relevant...

Talking Cannabis with a Green Friendly Candidate

The Hybrid Creative gets real with Noreen Evans, candidate for the Sonoma County 5th District Supervisor seat, to ask her about how she'd manage the local cannabis industry.

Branding the World's Most Sustainable Dispensary

Emerald Pharms is a distinctive dispensary. Located within the Real Goods Solar Living Center, a permaculture and environmental education center in Hopland, CA, Emerald Pharms is committed to holistic

California Sales Tax Filing For Cannabis Products

Medical marijuana has become legal to produce and distribute in California, and we’re fast on our way to legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, and yet many legitimate businesses in the cannabis industry are fearful of filing paperwork, don’t...

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