How a Purpose-Driven Brand Does Pride

Before painting your brand with the popular rainbow brush, dive deeper into your intentions, make sure your company’s actions align with the cause, and ensure you’re truly aligning your actions with your words.

1. FIRST & FOREMOST, BE SOCIAL: The Hybrid Creative’s 10 Steps to Successful Cannabis Social Media Marketing

It’s not enough just to show up anymore. You have to be social. Engage with followers directly. Ask them questions, respond promptly to positive and negative comments. Tag brands or retailers to extend reach.

10. TELL YOUR STORY: The 10 steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

Your brand story is so valuable. It's this narrative that talks about who you are.

9. THINK LOCAL, PLAN NATIONAL: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

If you have the opportunity to build partners and build friendships with other people in other states that you can join forces with to make a national brand, that is going to make you a long term sustainable business when things go federal.

8. PROTECT YOUR MARK: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

I would recommend hiring a cannabis-specific branding in trademark attorney when it comes to naming your brand.

Zack Darling Speaks on "Industry Disruptors" Panel at ICBC

Zack Darling, CEO of The Hybrid Creative, was invited to speak on the "Industry Disruptors" panel, February 8, 2019, in San Francisco at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC).

7. DO THE RESEARCH: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

We are so fortunate to finally be at a time in this industry in which there's actually data for us to be making decisions on.

6. DON'T SLACK ON CREATIVE: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

There's a brand brawl coming to the cannabis industry and the people who are going be winning that brand brawl are the ones who have invested the time and the energy in building a powerful brand.

5. BREAK THE STEREOTYPE: The 10 Steps of Cannabis Branding with Zack Darling

Cannabis has had enough years being identified with the stoner archetype of Cheech and Chong and rolled high times and a lot of the various kind of media archetypes that have defined us for so long.

3 Keys to Retail Cannabis Success: Retention. Retention. Retention.

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