Zack Darling on Cannabis Branding and Marketing for MG Magazine

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MG Magazine feature article for the May 2018 publication features an interview with The Hybrid Creative's Zack Darling: Branding and Marketing: Three Experts Weigh In by Leah Maurer.

The feature raises the question of what is effective marketing today in a rapidly growing cannabis marketing environment. The industry is at an early critical point when companies and entrepreneurs can set a new tone that moves beyond the old darker, back alley, underground notions that the public maintains about cannabis products.

Zack weighs in:

Darling recommends using a method he calls "be, do, say" in order to remain authentic and avoid common pitfalls. "Be the authentic brand you know you can be. Embrace your idealistic self and set the standards you believe in," he said. "Then, do the things necessary to ensure you're truly walking your talk. Set guidelines with your employees so everyone feels safe and respected. Reduce that carbon footprint. Raise the quality of your product. Go get that certification of high farming standards. Donate to good causes. All of this will deeply grow the value of your company and the pride you take in it. Then, and only then, do you say. Tell the world about how high-integrity your brand is. Pull out the fancy words and graphics. Stand on the mountain top and profess to the world how awesome your brand truly is. When your have your 'be, do, say' in order, your brand is ironclad and bulletproof."

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