ZDCA Merges with The Hybrid Creative

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Our agency has been operating under two separate brand names since 2015: ZDCA Design & Development and The Hybrid Creative.

This past July, The Hybrid Creative (and by extension ZDCA) was acquired by KushCo Holdings, an international cannabis packaging and supply company. This new business combination has already proven to be beneficial to many of our clients and employees and has enabled us to expand our services and move into new markets.

Going forward, ZDCA and The Hybrid Creative will be merged into one thriving creative powerhouse under The Hybrid Creative brand. Please rest assured, while cannabis, CBD, hemp and hydroponics industries will remain a focus of ours, we will still continue our deep dedication to our non-cannabis clients.

We look forward to continuing the long-term relationship we have established with ZDCA clients and are confident this change will allow our agency to more readily provide all of our clients, both cannabis and traditional, with emerging technology solutions, innovative creative approaches, and expanded marketing services.

We’d love to be able to say our valued clients will receive the same level of care under The Hybrid Creative, but in fact, we’re certain it will be even better.

Contact us with any questions.

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